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Biologist and Senior Bioinformatics Software Developer, TTMS bioinformatical software expert by order of Roche Polska, developing R systems for scientific data managment and visualization.

My scientific achievements was possible only due to my wife Karoline and great scientists with whom I was able to work with especially:

  • Katarzyna Łukasiuk
  • Michał Dąbrowski
  • Krzysztof Pawłowski
Thank you.
Scientific Papers
Designed diagnostics panels​

Aleksandra Cabaj


Biotechnologist by education and bioinformatitian by choice, involved mostly in chromosome conformation research and primer design for diagnostics. Enjoys torturing herself with huge NGS datasets. 😉

Scientific Papers:


Set of tools used to analyse DNASeq data:

Open chromatin landscape of rat microglia upon proinvasive or inflammatory polarization

Piotr Przanowski, Shamba S. Mondal, Aleksandra Cabaj, Konrad J. Dębski, Bartosz Wojtas, Bartłomiej Gielniewski, Beata Kaza, Bozena Kaminska, Michal Dabrowski

GLIA doi: 10.1002/glia.23686 (2019)

ccChooser can be used to developing and evaluation of core collections for germplasm collections (entire collection). This package used to develop a core collection for biological resources like genbanks. A core collection is defined as a sample of accessions that represent, with the lowest possible level of redundancy, the genetic diversity (the richness of gene or genotype categories) of the entire collection. The establishing a core collection that represents genetic diversity of the entire collection with minimum loss of its original diversity and minimum redundancies is an important problem for gene-banks curators and crop breeders. ccChooser establish core collection base on phenotypic data (agronomic, morphological, phenological).


Nr: 2014/13/N/NZ2/00587*
Funding agency: National Science Centre
Grant type: PRELUDIUM
Panel: NZ2
Title: Searching for common features in DNA methylation and its influence on gene expression in three different animal models of temporal lobe epilepsy.
Principal Investigator: Konrad J. Dębski
Supervisor: Katarzyna Łukasiuk
Amount: 100 000 PLN
Duration: 2015-01-27 / 2017-01-26
Publication: Konrad J. Dębski et al., (2016) Scientific Reports

Etiology matters – Genomic DNA Methylation Patterns in Three Rat Models of Acquired Epilepsy.

* The grant was obtained and accomplished at the Nencki Institute PAS.


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